Welcome to “Part 1” of a three-part series that focuses on your child, sports, and the brain. Odd combo, eh, the brain? You are probably thinking that this article is about concussions, but this three-part series will go beyond concussions to focus on the positive impacts that youth sports have on common, but not always
So, you want to sign up your preschooler for a sport. Chances are you have gotten advice from other parents about which sports they’ve signed their children up for, and they have all given different answers. From gymnastics to soccer to t-ball. You are more confused than ever. About 70% of kids quit their sport
We have made it to June, the first official month of summer, and I think that many of you will agree with me when I say that I miss my childhood summer. I would spend endless hours under the sun, running around outside with my friends until I was called in for dinner by my
No one likes to lose a game. Can you think of anything worse than the feeling of loss and defeat? Well, I can… the car ride home after your child has just lost, maybe, yet another game. It sucks. There are so many emotions of anger and sadness rushing through your child. And, maybe you
We’re a couple of weeks into the Spring season.  Seems like a good time to remind ourselves what makes youth recreational flag football a successful season.  During my Hustle & Attitude coaching clinics, I ask the participants how they define a successful season.  Using Mentimeter, the participants can answer the question using their phones, creating

How To Coach 3-4 Year Olds

As I have been doing Hustle & Attitude flag football coaching clinics over the last couple of years, I have frequently been asked how to coach 3-4 year olds.  My clinics have provided tips and techniques for dealing with kids, managing practices and games, and dealing with parents that tend to be geared to the older
Is your kid thinking about quitting a sport? One of the biggest disappointments for a sports-crazed parent is to hear the echo of your child voicing their desire to quit sports.  Your child’s lack of interest, visible frustration or feelings of inadequacy can be remnants of a poor experience.  A  recent study quoted that 70%
Cold Springs and Alexandria, Ohio Youth Flag Football
“Exercise is king.  Nutrition is queen.  Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”   -Jack Lalanne Flag football was without question designed to be a safe alternative to traditional football.  The increase in related sports injuries along with violent tackles in traditional football has created a strong appeal for flag football. Although strides in flag
                     Win with humility, lose with grace and do both with dignity” – author unknown. From backyard flag football games to the action-packed games at the Shoe, competition is a huge part of our culture.  At Play Fanatics, we encourage our athletes to rally together to

Flag Football Parent Survival Tips

“One day you will wake up and you won’t have anyone to take to practice.  Enjoy the time you have.”  -Parents everywhere Being the parent of a youth flag football player is just as exciting of an experience as being the athlete. It’s an opportunity to build a social network, a great reason to enjoy