We’re a couple of weeks into the Spring season.Ā  Seems like a good time to remind ourselves what makes youth recreational flag football a successful season.Ā  During my Hustle & Attitude coaching clinics, I ask the participants how they define a successful season.Ā  Using Mentimeter, the participants can answer the question using their phones, creating

How To Coach 3-4 Year Olds

As I have been doing Hustle & AttitudeĀ flag football coaching clinics over the last couple of years, I have frequently been asked how to coach 3-4 year olds.Ā  My clinics have provided tips and techniques for dealing with kids, managing practices and games, and dealing with parents that tend to be geared to the older
This is the week leading up to Super Bowl LII and it’s supposed to be a celebration of the game.Ā  However, across multipleĀ media outlets, the discussion has been about the future of football and particularly youth football.Ā  ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption had Sports Illustrated and NBC analyst Peter King on and he discussed whether interest