Flag Football Parent Survival Tips

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“One day you will wake up and you won’t have anyone to take to practice.  Enjoy the time you have.”  -Parents everywhere

Being the parent of a youth flag football player is just as exciting of an experience as being the athlete. It’s an opportunity to build a social network, a great reason to enjoy the outdoors, and also an opportunity to support your favorite athlete!  You become an intricate part of a new community and are able to build and enjoy relationships on and off of the field. On the contrary, however, being a parent in any new sport can be intimidating. The feeling of not knowing what to expect for you and your child can be daunting. Here are some parenting tips to help you through the season.

KNOW THE GAME: Understanding the game of flag football is crucial. The most embarrassing feeling ever is to be that parent that cheers for the wrong team or unfavorable play that you thought was favorable for the team. Knowing the game well will also convey to your child that you have a genuine interest in what they are doing. It will further demonstrate your participation in your child’s experience. So learn the game, and know it well!

BE PREPARED FOR THE WEATHER: During the season you will be outside a lot! Always be prepared for the weather to fully enjoy the experience of the game. Layer up on the cool and windy days! Pack a poncho and umbrella for the rainy days. Lastly, always keep the sunscreen on hand in case the sun is relentless.

CREATE A COMMUNITY:  One your child starts their season with Play Fanatics, the team, the coaches and the other parents will become like family.  Take time to get to know the other parents, because you will be sharing your weekends with them.  So why not make friends?  Having the social circle can not only make the practices and games more fun, but can be beneficial when you are in a tight squeeze.  There may be times when you’d like to carpool, and its nice to have a trusted friend!

GEAR UP: Game days can be long days, so always be prepared with essentials. It’s better to be overly prepared rather than in need. Preparing a “game day” bag can truly make a difference. Game day bags can include snacks and waters, but also items such as bug spray, first-aid kits, sanitizer, wipes, camera, and even a planner to jot down team events, practice times, etc. In addition, one of the best investments that you can make during your child’s season is an outdoor chair or cushions for the bleachers. Maintain comfort in between jumping up and down and following the plays on the field!

HAVE FUN: The most important tip to remember is to have fun, because that will make the experience that much more memorable and enjoyable for your child! The season won’t last forever, and before you know it, the season will come to a close. So share the excitement with your child, cheer loud, take pictures, and be their biggest fan!