Which Youth Sports to Choose for Your Child

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So, you want to sign up your preschooler for a sport. Chances are you have gotten advice from other parents about which sports they’ve signed their children up for, and they have all given different answers. From gymnastics to soccer to t-ball. You are more confused than ever.

About 70% of kids quit their sport by the time they become a teenager because they lose interest, according to the National Alliance for Youth Sports. And honestly, I don’t blame them. I mean, would you want to continue to spend your time and effort in a sport you don’t even enjoy? I didn’t think so…

But this raises concern, because they are losing the benefits that sports have to offer, including the development of physical, mental, and social skills. These skills are only fully developed if you start your child in a sport they will grow to love.

So you are still faced with the golden question: How do you choose the right sport for your child?

The first and most important thing to consider is if your child is expressing desire for a particular sport. If they are interesting in a certain sport, don’t force them any other way. Sign them up.

But, what if they aren’t expressing any desire for a sport? Helping your child choose a sport that he or she will love means understanding his or her proclivities, personality, and the demands of the sport on the family. The following guide shows the different aspects to consider when choosing a sport that compliments your child:

This was created by Nimble Sports

Sports present many opportunities and advantages to young starting athletes. Flag football is a great starting sport for your child.

Your child’s physical traits.

Does your child lack speed? Or, maybe, they are fastest in their class, but they struggle with hand-eye coordination. Flag football caters to athletes of all abilities and strengthens each individual’s abilities throughout each season.

How old is your child?

Flag football is fun for all ages, and has even garnered increasing interest among college students and adults. With that being said, it is a sport that can be pursued and developed throughout the majority of their athletic life.

With the increase of concern about concussions in youth sports, flag football offers a safer approach for young athletes. Play Fanatics offers leagues for youth between 4-12 years old.

“Fun for the players and coaches, alike. A great space for kids to learn football fundamentals without the risk of injury.“

Coach Paul Sawyer, Centerville, OH

Boy or girl?

Answer: Who cares? Flag football caters to boys AND girls. In the past, boys tended to dominate this football-based sport, but it is rapidly increasing in popularity among girls, as told by The Washington Post.


Is your child super outgoing and befriends any peer they come in contact with? Perfect. Flag football is an organized team sport that enhances camaraderie among teammates. It also provides your athlete with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience.

If you are talking to one of your friends, does your child hide behind your legs pretending they don’t hear a word the person is saying? Well, flag football is perfect for shy kids to learn valuable social skills. By being a part of a team, players will learn how to become accustomed to working with others and communicating.

No matter the personality, every player will learn to develop lasting friendships. The whole team works toward one goal in collaboration with each other. They begin to know each other. They share a connecting bond, created by the game of flag football.

“There’s no greater joy than helping a youth accomplish things they never thought possible. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing players come together as a team and exemplify great sportsmanship.“

Coach Craig Kavicky, Hilliard, OH

Time commitment.

Let’s be honest. We have all heard of the sport horror stories where every member of the athlete’s family eats, breathes, and sleeps that sport. You are running in the other direction as I say this, aren’t you?

Well, I get it, and I’m here to tell you that sports life doesn’t have to be that way. It can take little time commitment to play and support a sport. Because, maybe, you are just too busy as it is or you are considering multiple sports at the same time.

Every league varies in practice and game schedules, but Play Fanatics is perfect for those who are looking for less of a time commitment. It only takes a couple of hours on the weekend. Players have a one-hour practice, followed directly by a one-hour game for the convenience of the players, parents, and coaches.

The cost.

Travel teams are pocket drainers. You might as well say good-bye to the vacation you were planning on taking this year. Or maybe not…

Flag football is fun AND affordable. Play Fanatics costs between $55 and $155 per athlete for an 8-week season. Prices vary depending on age and division. This is only a fraction of the cost of the National average families spend on youth sports each year.


The most important aspect of starting sports for your child is ensuring that they can have fun. Flag football is the perfect option for those who are looking to develop physical, mental, and social skills, while having fun. It’s a season full of friendships, good times, and lots of laughs. It’s the memories that they make on the field that will stay with them off the field, as well.

“One of the most rewarding parts of coaching kids at this level is the ability to pass on lessons which hopefully they can carry on in other aspects of their life. With our kids we teach them four simple lessons: always try your best, never give up, do things the right way, and have fun.“

Coach Timothy Root, Hilliard, OH