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Individual Registration

Players can sign up individually and request to play with friends and coaches whom also sign up individually. Sign up to play in our upcoming youth Flag Football league and join the largest program in Ohio and N. Kentucky


*Please add $3.75 for Management and Processing Fee.

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Team Code Registration

Coaches can pick their own Team. This process is designed for coaches who have 7 – 10 players wanting to play on his/her team. Each parent can pay for their own child, Coaches do not need to pay for entire team upon registration.

Head Coach Needs To Register First, then, and invite players to their team. How this process works:

  1. When submitting the team registration the head coach will receive a team code from FFF. The head coach will invite players to join their team. Players will have to enter that team code when registering in order to be added to that specific team.
  2. Parents must enter said Team Code upon registration (Team Code can only be provided by the HEAD Coach). Kids will not be added to the roster if parents do not have the Team Code.
  3. Each player’s parent will pay for their child.
  4. Teams are limited to 10 players and require a minimum of 7 players. You may add players after your initial registration up until the final roster deadline of March 5th. If a coach fails to reach 7 kids by the March 5th deadline FFF will assign kids to your team.
  5. Your team may play more than half of their games at other Flag Football Fanatics locations (within 10  miles) against other teams.

*Please add $3.75 for Management and Processing Fee.

Sign Up Today – Team Registration

Beavercreek - Fairborn, Ohio Youth Flag Football Spring League - Sunday Games

Reserve your spot on a team today!!

Registrants who signed up via Team Registration- Click Here to see potential travel site locations (Our goal is to minimize travel for Recreational Teams)

League Game Schedule (Below):

*Playoffs will be played on Saturday, 5/15 and Sunday, 5/16. Games are potentially played outside of traditional times and venue.

**Weather Make Up: We will make every attempt to make up games not played due to weather. This includes: playing double headers, playing games outside of traditional time slots or traditional days. Micro Games will not be rescheduled. If games are not played in full we'll issue a credit toward future seasons.

Please note:
A) Season Dates, Policies and Location of Play may be adjusted based on COVID-19 situation (including postponement to a future season).
B) The Champions for Charity Tournament is a separate event with separate fees and team registration is first come, first serve. In other words, participation in the Beavercreek, Ohio youth flag football fall league does not automatically register you for this separate tournament.

Flag Football

Parent testimonials

  • This organization was a great find for my family. They are very hands-on and involved in every weekend game! My son wasn't sure about playing tackle football, so we gave the flag a try and he loves it.
    Megan A.
  • Kids are having so much fun this season, I love the team William is on. The parents are awesome.
  • Flag football has been the greatest sports my kids have ever signed up for. Love the coaches, parents have been cool..... It's awesome and watching the kids play is hilarious.
    Joelle S.
  • Thanks Goey for another great season!! Zane had an awesome time. Great coaches and great players also. Go Bengals!!!
    Debra G.
  • We have played for 6+ seasons and have been provided the opportunity to play in The Horseshoe at Ohio State, Paul Brown Stadium and Nippert Stadium. These are memories are family will never forget. Thank you FFF
    -The Witt Family
  • Mason, OH Flag Football is off to another great year! You have a really fine management team in these two. Despite a few normal first day pop ups, the parents I spoke too during the day didn't notice anything other than having a really fun day.
    - Coach Stallman

Hear what parents are saying about their recent experience with Flag football Fanatics.

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Weekly Time Guidance

  • Our youth flag football games in Beavercreek – Fairborn, Ohio will be played on Sundays.
  • Game start times will be between 5:30PM – 8PM
  • Specific game times are listed in the schedule. Practice times will not be listed on your schedule. The only mandatory practice is prior to the games on game day. Any practice through the week is optional.
  • Team practices are typically 1 hour before game times on game day.
  • These times do not apply to Meet + Greet, Coach Equipment Pick Up, Season Finale Playoffs + Tournament Games.

Field Information

Program Director

Jacen Millette

Notes about the field:

  • Surface: Grass
  • Bring Lawn Chairs
  • No parking in the fire lanes or on the service road
  • No pets of any kind are permitted on grounds
  • All trash needs to be packed up and taken home
  • No smoking or vaping on the premises

Flag Football Fanatics

Flag Football Divisions


  • Micro: Children Ages 4 and older PreK – K
  • Mini: 1st-2nd
  • Junior: 3rd -4th
  • Senior: 5th-6th
  • Varsity: 7th-8th

Please Note
Divisions may change based on enrollment

Other Common Questions
Can My Child Play Up a Division? Yes. You must email after registration with child’s name + desired division of play.
Can My Child Play Down a Division? No.

Refer your child’s friends! Receive a $10 refund every time you refer a first-time league participant.

Team Registration: We understand a big reason children participate in youth sports to play with friends, family and classmates. We now offer Team Registration so that the Coach can register kids as a team up front. The Head Coach must sign up first. Parents must use the team code provided by the Head Coach in order to be added to that specific team’s roster. Team registration rosters must be finalized by March 6th.

Individual Registration: If you choose Individual Registration when registering your child, you may list your child’s teammate or coach request in the desired field. Please be sure to be as specific as possible and check spelling. If a friend of your child’s signed up after you completed registration: Please email with your child’s full name, location of play and their desired request. Make sure you send this prior to the league deadline.

Yes. We offer a $5 discount per child. If you register 3 children you’ll save $10. If you register 3 children you’ll save $15. The earlier you register, the more you save. Our price increases $50 by the time registration closes.

Game Schedules + Team Names will be released no later than 3/31. We will post game schedules + team names on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) outlets on 3/30 and we’ll post schedules on website on 3/31.

Schedules may be updated as we finalize team count leading up to the season and divisions with 6 or more teams will have competitive scheduling near the end of season.

Other Common Questions
What Is Competitive Scheduling?
In divisions with 6 or more, we try to schedule the final few games of the season based on skill set and records.

How Is My Child’s Team Name Chosen?
Based on inventory.

How Are Teams Put Together?
(a) Coach Requests: When coaches have more than 10 requests we try to work with them.
(b) School Attended: Place kids together based on the school they attend. Our goal is to place kids together who know one another.
(c) Living Proximity: Place kids together that live near one another
(d) Randomly Assigned: When none of the above applies.

If more than 10 kids request one coach, we try to split the team up into 2 separate teams.

How Many Kids Are On A Team?
Rosters are usually 7-10 players. No more than 10.

What Is The Time Commitment For Coaching?
A practice prior to games is mandatory (Micro practices range from 30 – 45 minutes / 1st-8th practice are 1 hour prior to the scheduled game time). Any practice outside of game day is optional. Pre-Season you’ll need to complete the concussion management course, background check and attend a coach webinar or in person.

Season Dates, Policies and Location of Play may be adjusted based on COVID-19 situation (including postponement to Future season).

COVID Flag Football Update

Please direct any questions or concerns directly to us at

Kind Regards,
Flag Football Fanatics

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Flag Football Fanatics will provide close to everything your child needs for the season.

Flag Football Fanatics provides:

  • FFF Sublimated Jersey
  • FFF Black Shorts
  • FFF Black/White Socks
  • Mouthguard
  • Flag Belt
  • An Award At End Of Season Bowl Game

Children will need:

  • Sneakers or Cleats (Soccer Cleats work great and come in fun colors)
  • Water Bottle
  • If you want to purchase your own shorts/athletic pants they MUST be pocket-less (can be purchased on our website shop)
  • If you want, you can purchase an extra Mouth Guard- they MUST be worn for each game (can be purchased on our website shop)

Other Common Questions
Uniform Size Chart?
Click Here

Are Cleats Required?
No. However, they are highly recommended.

What Size Are The Footballs?
Using the Wilson Footballs as a reference, We use the PeeWee size balls for children in grades 3rd and younger. We use Junior size balls for children in grades 4th and older. You can always purchase footballs on our website shop.

Please send us an email at

We offer a number of Social Media, Yard Sign and Marketing discounts. If you’re interested in receiving additional discounts, please email us

All of Flag Football Fanatics’ teams are led by volunteers. We do our best to provide excellent resources for all of our Volunteer Coaches. Click the link below for coach meetings/webinars, playbooks, drills, tips, rules, videos and more.

If your team is showing “Volunteer Coach NEEDED”, that means we are still looking for a parent to volunteer to coach for the season.

Coaching your child’s team is a great way to spend quality time with your children and impact your community. We have a number of parents that tell us they are able to help, however, we are in need of a HEAD Coach. We are very confident you will be able to find parents from your roster to help with all the necessary duties of a coach.

This is your chance to make lifelong memories with your child, neighbors and friends.

Interested in Coaching

This season we have placed a mannequin with our jersey and shorts in a Play It Again Sports near you! This give you the opportunity to see what the uniform looks like in person and see how it fits. There are also 2 other sizes in the store that you can try on if you would like. Also feel free to purchase any of their new and gently used sporting good items, such as cleats, gloves, mouth guards, etc. Please see below for the stores we have placed our mannequins in.

West Chester



Northern Kentucky

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Volunteer to Coach