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Separate Event with Separate Fees
         Date               Location                             Notes
Tuesday, April 18th -- Registration Opens
Tuesday, May 30 @ 7pm DEADLINE DEADLINE
Tuesday before event Schedules Released at 7pm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter / 8pm on Website Schedule Released
Saturday, 6/10 Ohio State Univ. + Off Site Venue TBA Micro, Junior, and Varsity
Sunday, 6/11 Ohio State Univ. + Off Site Venue TBA Mini and Senior
Tuesday after event -- Results Posted, Highlight Video Posted

We reserve the right to bump a team (with no refunds) should false information be provided during registration.


  • Spring 2023 FFF Teams Cost? TBA
  • Non FFF Spring 2022 Teams Cost? TBA
  • Where? Ohio State University and an Offsite venue TBD
  • Team Registration Only? You must have 5 kids from your SP23 Roster play to compete. No Individual Registration (We will not accept scheduling requests)
  • What's Included? 3 games (one game guaranteed inside OSU Stadium), event Tshirt, 1st place receives rings and 2nd place receives medals
  • Games Times? They could range from 8a - 6p.
  • Bracket Play? We will make every attempt to place teams in brackets to optimize competition
  • Gate Fee? Coaches wearing FFF Coach Shirt and Players wearing FFF Jersey will enter free of charge. Spectators / Adults $15-$20 and non playing children $5
  • Coaches must bring ID + Players must prove current grade level via electronic or paper report card

Bracketing / Game Play 

  • Each team will play (3) games. Games will be composed of (2) 14-minute halves and teams can freely sub. (Micro game clocks will be reduced to (2) 10-minute halves).
  • Teams will be divided by record / skill set. Example: if your team is 0-6 we will not put you in a bracket with a team that is 6-0.
  • Potential to One Directional Fields to be implemented based on size of event

Past Event Results 

Weather/Refund Policy Adverse weather and unplayable conditions may result in the following: (a) Games may be delayed or the game clock may be reduced (b) In the unfortunate likelihood that the tournament is canceled due to weather, COVID or any unforeseen circumstances, TEAMS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

FFF Division Rules

  • We will have officials coming from all over. Please adapt to the officiating
  • If a penalty is called when a player has possession of the ball that WILL NOT constitute as a touch
  • Overtime: The team that wins the coin toss will decide if they wish to play offense of defense for (1) play. Any child is eligible for a touch on offense. The play will start at the 4-yard line, if the offense scores they win, if the defense gets a stop, they win. The game will not end in a penalty.
  • Mini + JR's = if a child fails to receive (1) touch; your team is subject to a forfeit
  • No child may RUN twice in a row

Overtime Rules
Overtime will consist of (1) play from midfield. Possession will be determined by a coin flip. The team that wins the toss will choose offense or defense. If the defense stops them, they win, if the offense scores they win.

Since our inception, it has been our goal to use the platform of youth flag football as a way to give back to our community and have been fortunate enough to donate over $59,810 to local charities! For the past 8 years we have donated proceeds from our Champions for Charity event to Rockin' Out Cancer. This season, in addition to Rockin' Out Cancer, we would like to donate to a charitable organization that is near and dear to our FFF families. If you have an organization that you’d like to be considered as a beneficiary this year, please submit the name of your charity to along with your history with FFF and the purpose of the charity.

Parking for Parking Diagram TBD

  • Parking in any of the lots available, free of charge
  • Parking Spaces will be on a First Come, First Serve basis
  • Tailgates are welcome. Make sure you clean up after yourself. Do NOT bring food into the stadium.


  • Gate Fee: $15-$20/Adult, $5/Child (players & coaches enter free)
  • ONLY bottled water is permitted to enter the stadium
  • Concessions will be held by FFF at the fields. You must eat outside of the stadium/gate.
  • NO LAWN CHAIRS. Bring blankets to sit on turf.
  • Pop up tents are permitted on the turf but must use sandbags/sand tubes (turf friendly) - NO STAKES
  • No smoking or vaping inside the fence/on turf.
  • NO DOGS on turf (only certified service animals permitted)

Other Details

  • Each child will receive an event Tshirt. Additional Tshirts will be on sale for $10.
  • Only coaches wearing FFF Coach Shirt will be permitted to be on the field
  • Coaches shirts will be on sale for $15-$20 at the main table. Only (4) coaches will be permitted on the field.
  • Every child on your team will need to bring a birth certificate and/or grade card (electronic or hard copy of current school year)
  • Head Coaches must bring a photo ID. All coaches must have their Black Coach Shirt and must check in at the tent upon arrival-

Pricing Options

Team/Items Cost
Spring 2023 Teams TBD
Non Spring 2023 Teams TBD
Teams with Sponsor add $125
Gate Fee (Adult) $15-$20
Gate Fee (Child) $5
Gate Fee (Players & Coaches) FREE
Player T-shirt Each child will receive a FREE event Tshirt
Additional T-shirt Additional T-shirts will be on sale for $10
Coach Shirts $15-$20 at the main table