The Makings of A Leader: 3 Core Elements of A Great Coach

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“The people you surround yourself with can either help build you or help break you.  Choose wisely.”      -JJ Watt

A great flag football coach can have a monumental impact on a young athlete’s life.  Coaches can be the role model that motivates your child to be the best that they can be on and off of the field.  The coaches with Play Fanatics will encourage your child to demonstrate great sportsmanship and perform their best.  There are many different coaches with many different styles, however, a great coach is contoured carefully, possessing definitive qualities.  Even through sports, your child is being nurtured and manicured beyond just becoming an athlete, therefore, the make-up of your child’s coach is essential.  What are three core qualities of a good coach?

A TRUE LOVE FOR THE GAME:  A true coach is identified by not only an ability to lead, but the pure passion that he or she has for the game of flag football.  This passion will be demonstrated through efforts on and off the field.  A successful coach will efficiently manage his or her team by direct communication regarding practice times, games, gatherings, etc.  He or she respects everyone that has a role in the game, because everyone contributes to the successful execution on and off of the field.  The players, the referees, the crowd all generate the spirit of the game!  A great coach also demonstrates a passion for the game by inspiring others to be their best through positive reinforcement and encouragement, capitalizing on the talent of each young athlete! 

LEADS BY EXAMPLE:  Coaches are the most visible role model to all of the players on the team.  Therefore, a great coach sets an example of how to be the best athlete and sportsman.  An impactful coach is prompt to practices, games and gatherings. He or she models what is expected out of his players.  An exceptional coach exemplifies sportsmanship and integrity on and off of the field, positively responding to an unfavorable call made by the referee or even at the loss of a game.  A great coach remains calm and collected.  Additionally, an extraordinary coach expresses value of the team effort rather than the importance of one player.  He or she knows that it is the effort of the entire team that wins a victory.  

A TEACHER BY NATURE:  A true coach seeks to teach and inspire a young athlete to be their best, and is able to guide them along the way through communication, role modeling and by building a trusting relationship.  While every successful coach emphasizes the importance of the team, he or she is able to tailor their coaching style for each athlete.  By demonstrating a true understanding  for the game in addition to learning an athlete’s individual strengths and building a familiarity with the athlete on a personal level, a great coach can bring the best out of each and every player!