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Referee Application
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*New Pay Scale*
Rookie Base Pay =$20/game Referees with 2 seasons or less Compleated
Veteran Base Pay = $22/game Referees with 3 seasons or more Compleated
 Playoffs/Tournament Bonus of $50 per day + pay rate.
A) If you arrive on time and work the complete day
B) Completed / Submitted Tax Form
) Score Above 90% on the Rule Test
D) Complete the weekly rules quiz administered by Site Director
E) Clean up your entire field
F) Complete scorecard completed


** We will only schedule referees that show drive, knowledge of the game, and assertiveness for the
end of season Playoffs and Tournaments.

– Must be in the 9th grade or higher
– You must arrive at your report time and location
– Referees are required to follow the Flag Football Fanatics Referee Hand Book
– Do not favorite or take sides, this is cheating and will not be tolerated
– Throw your flag! We are not paying you to watch the games, be loud, proud, and assertive
– You must be in compliance with employee Appearance Standards and Grooming Guidelines each time you work
– You must completely and accurately fill out this application, failure to do so may result in a pay deduction or pay suspension. All pay deductions, pay suspensions, or disciplinary actions are at the full discretion of the Referee Office, Director of Officials, or the Commissioner.

Scheduling Policy
Referee scheduling for Flag Football Fanatics will be performed by the referee assigner or someone from the Director of Officials’ office. All referees will be held accountable for those games on the referee schedule and must give at least a 24-hour notice if unable to officiate on such a day. A referee who fails to follow the call-off procedure outlined in this policy may be removed from the referee schedule at the discretion of the referee assigner. If you “no call, no show,” we will not mail your previous check. You will have to pick up your check at our main office 4092 Anson Dr. Hilliard, OH 43026. Please give us 24 hours notice if you will not be able to make it to your location. All referee scheduling is subject to change and we do not guarantee that you will be able to referee at your “Main” location every week however we do strive to achieve that goal when possible.

Referee Application
Rule Books
Open Book Rule Test
Tax Form