Flag Football Sign Ups: The Top 3 Reasons to Join Flag Football

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“On a team, it is not the strength of the individual player, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”

    -Bill Belichick, General Manager of the New England Patriots

At the sound of the whistle, the excitement begins! For a kid, the rush and Adrenalin while racing to the goal line is unforgettable. The smiles, laughter and the unified high-fives are just a few of the remnants of the action that takes place on the field. Playing flag football with Play Fanatics is a memorable experience for every child. Beyond the positive memories, however, there are a plethora of reasons to join a flag football league. The top three reasons to join flag football will yield a multitude of benefits for you and your child.

  1. INTRODUCTION TO THE GAME:  Every parent envisions their kid being a star athlete one day, so how does that journey begin?  Joining a flag football team with Play Fanatics is a great way to introduce your child into the game of football. We teach and encourage the basics of the game, aggressive contact is eliminated and the physical demands of the sport are not as taxing, however, the fun still remains! Playing flag football with Play Fanatics gradually introduces a child to the rhythm of becoming an athlete, which will allow you and your child to make a conscious decision to further pursue their athletic journey.
  2.  BUILDS SOCIAL SKILLS:  Play Fanatics provides a great opportunity for kids socially.  They are able to create a social network outside of their everyday school peers.  Being a part of Play Fanatics encourages kids to work as a team, depend on others and develop sportsmanship.  When children are working towards a common goal, they are likely to build long lasting relationships.  Also, because they are doing something that they enjoy, they are likely to create new memories with friends, strengthening their bond.
  3. KEEPS KIDS PHYSICALLY FIT:  Each and every day, kids are bombarded with technology, leaving very little time for or interest in active play.  Society has created a generation of zombies, conditioning our children to be glued to a television, computer screen or cell phone.  Joining Play Fanatics will encourage your child to be physically active, and doing it in a fun and competitive way!  Teaching your child to be physically active will have a multitude of physical and mental benefits.  Staying physically active will minimize the likelihood of childhood obesity, a prevalent phenomena in today’s society, which will ultimately reduce the likelihood of future health problems.  Staying physically active is also beneficial for an active and healthy mind, which is essential for developing children and adolescents.  Consistent exercise and active play will release endorphins into your child’s body, which will have a  positive impact on your child’s mood and overall health.

Encouraging flag football for kids is an excellent way to build a physically and socially active child. Throughout the season, you will witness the growth and development of your child through sports. Your child’s experience with Play Fanatics will be impactful and an unforgettable memory in their athletic journey!