Fall 2022 Meet + Greet

Meet + Greet Information

  • Preliminary Rosters released 8/12/22
  • Schedules released 8/17/22
  • Final Rosters + Team Names released 8/19/22

Sunday Afternoon Leagues 

Sunday NIGHT Leagues (Beavercreek-Fairborn-Xenia, Grove City-Galloway, Kenwood-Blue Ash, NKY – Covington)

Meet + Greet Locations

Fall 2022 Locations of Play

What is my child’s division of play? Team Names will be released via Social Media on (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) Aug. 19th

Other Information
– Teams will receive their jersey at Meet + Greet
– If a Swag Pack, or team gear was ordered they will be distributed to players at the first game on 9/11/22
– Most teams practice on Meet + Greet Day
– If your team plans to practice please put have a child put their jersey on as soon as they receive it so the rest of the team can find them