When are the teams and schedules released?

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Game Schedules + Team Names will be released no later than Sept. 17th. We will post game schedules + team names on Social Media (InstagramFacebook and Twitter) outlets on Sept. 16th and we’ll post schedules on website on Sept. 17th.

Schedules may be updated as we finalize team count leading up to the season and divisions with 6 or more teams will have competitive scheduling near the end of season.

Other Common Questions
What Is Competitive Scheduling?
In divisions with 6 or more, we try to schedule the final few games of the season based on skill set and records.

How Is My Child’s Team Name Chosen?
Based on inventory.

How Are Teams Put Together?
(a) Coach Requests: When coaches have more than 10 requests we try to work with them.
(b) School Attended: Place kids together based on the school they attend. Our goal is to place kids together who know one another.
(c) Living Proximity: Place kids together that live near one another
(d) Randomly Assigned: When none of the above applies.

If more than 10 kids request one coach, we try to split the team up into 2 separate teams.

How Many Kids Are On A Team?
Rosters are usually 7-10 players. No more than 10.

What Is The Time Commitment For Coaching?
A practice prior to games is mandatory (Micro practices range from 30 – 45 minutes / 1st-8th practice are 1 hour prior to the scheduled game time). Any practice outside of game day is optional. Pre-Season you’ll need to complete the concussion management course, background check and attend a coach webinar or in person.