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What Team Is My Child On (updated 9/15)? **TEAM NAMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE**
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We are in the process of uploading rosters and game schedules to TeamSnap. You will receive an email via TeamSnap inviting you to join our program / season. TeamSnap only allows us to upload 100 teams per every 8 hours (due to spam restrictions). Expect to see this invite by Friday afternoon. Until then, see below for Schedule

Game Schedule?
Columbus – Dublin *updated 9/13
Columbus – Gahanna-Westerville
Columbus – Grove City *updated 9/11
Columbus – Hilliard *updated 9/13
Columbus – Olentangy  *updated 9/11
Columbus – Upper Arlington *updated 9/11
Dayton – Beavercreek *updated 9/11
Dayton – Centerville *updated 9/13
Dayton – Kettering *updated 9/11
Cincinnati – Anderson  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am
Cincinnati – Kenwood  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am
Cincinnati – Loveland  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am
Cincinnati – Mason  Updated 9/14/21 9:30 am
Cincinnati – West Chester  Updated 9/14/21 9:30 am
Cincinnati – Wyoming  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am
N. Kentucky – Covington  Updated 9/14/21 9:30 am
N. Kentucky – Cold Springs  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am
N. Kentucky – Florence  Updated 9/5/21 11:30 am

My Child’s Team Is Showing “Coach NEEDED”
Coaches Still Needed in Following Areas:
Anderson 5th/6th

All of Flag Football Fanatics’ teams are led by volunteers.  We do our best to provide incredible resources for all of our Volunteer Coaches. Click the link below for coach meetings / webinars, playbooks, drills, tips, rules, videos and more.

If your team is showing “Volunteer Coach Needed”, that means we are still looking for a parent to volunteer to coach for the season.

Coaching your child’s team is a great way to spend quality time with your children and impact your community. We have a number of parents that tell us they’re able to help, however, we’re in need of a HEAD Coach. We’re very confident you’ll be able to find parents from your roster to help with all the necessary duties of a coach. 

This is your chance to make lifelong memories with your child, neighbors and friends. 

Interested in Coaching