Fall 2020 Flag Football Season Coronavirus Update

This season, you will notice a few new things during game day, including the following safety measures:

  • Each team will have a designated game ball
  • All game/practice equipment will be sanitized by FFF staff before and after play
  • We will NOT be limiting the number of spectators but ask that everyone be responsible with social distancing practices
  • We ask that spectators maintain a 6-ft distance while on sidelines
  • We will ask that our players and coaches refrain from high fives and handshakes after the game
  • During the team practice (pre-game) we ask that parents wait inside of their cars until the practice concludes
  • Coaches will be asked to take temperatures of each player before they are permitted to participate in team practice and games
  • Any FFF staff member, parent or player showing COVID-19 symptoms will be asked not to attend the practice/game
  • No sunflower seeds or gum spitting will be allowed at games
  • Site Directors will have hand sanitizer readily available for anyone that should need some
  • Masks will be available and are recommended, but not required
  • Referees will be asked to wear masks while on and off the field of play
  • Site Directors will be asked to wear a mask when actively engaging with parents and players
  • No team water or shared snacks will be allowed. Athletes should bring individual water containers
  • Players and coaches must adhere to 6 ft social distancing while off the field of play
  • Players should refrain from sharing any equipment with their teammates

*Disclaimer: These safety measures may be subject to change.