This is the week leading up to Super Bowl LII and it’s supposed to be a celebration of the game.  However, across multiple media outlets, the discussion has been about the future of football and particularly youth football.  ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption had Sports Illustrated and NBC analyst Peter King on and he discussed whether interest
True motivation is developed by understanding purpose.  When a child sees purpose in becoming an athlete, they possess healthy motivations throughout their athletic journey.  Children’s flag football, along with other youth sports, is an opportunity for fun and growth.  Sometimes, however, our lens becomes fixated on winning rather than healthy competition, or our interests shifts
Two of the most important elements of a successful young athlete are building self-confidence and self-esteem, because both will determine how that young athlete will relate to their peers and value their own self worth.  There are a multitude of ways to contribute to building our youth’s confidence and esteem that will inevitably transcend onto