5 Ways to Enhance Youth Flag Football Motivation

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True motivation is developed by understanding purpose.  When a child sees purpose in becoming an athlete, they possess healthy motivations throughout their athletic journey.  Children’s flag football, along with other youth sports, is an opportunity for fun and growth.  Sometimes, however, our lens becomes fixated on winning rather than healthy competition, or our interests shifts from pressure to perform rather than extracurricular enjoyment.  As parents, we sometimes even allow our personal desire for a child to participate in a sport to trump the child’s true interests.  A child’s involvement in any sport is a huge commitment, therefore, it is essential for the child to be positively motivated to participate before they step onto the field.

Here are 5 Ways to Enhance Youth Flag Football Motivation in Your Child:

  1. Emphasize the health benefits of playing sports
  2. Highlight the social opportunities; meeting and making new friends
  3. Stress the opportunity to learn a new skill
  4. Emphasize the opportunity to be a part of a team
  5. Highlight the opportunity to have healthy competition

Positively motivating a child to participate in children’s flag football or any sport  will have a long lasting effect on their athletic career.  Those that are positively motivated are less likely to quit the sport, because their involvement is fulfilling.  A child is likely to experience an increase in self-esteem and confidence.  They will also experience a sense of accomplishment and victory.  Positively motivating a child to participate in youth sports will also create a blueprint for a healthy lifestyle.  Children are more likely to stay active and become cognizant of their physical health. Lastly, positive motivation will enhance a child’s team building skills, while they simultaneously mature as an individual.  Children learn to work with others, creating a sense of community, while also developing as an adolescent. Overall, there are a multitude of benefits in positively motivating a child to participate in children’s flag football, all of which will have a lifelong impact on the development of the child and their development as a young athlete.